96" Wide Lyre 8 Arm Chandelier
96″ Wide Lyre 8 Arm Chandelier

Traverse City Opera House

When Dr.Timothy Hanley and his wife Sally decided to donate a chandelier to the Traverse City Opera House as part of an ongoing restoration project, Meyda Lighting was selected to custom design and manufacture this one-of-a-kind fixture. The original Victorian-style chandelier featuring Vienna glass globes and powered by gas was mysteriously lost over time. No images of the fixture were available. The new chandelier was based on a conceptual design prepared by the opera house’s restoration architects, Quinn-Evans of Ann Arbor, MI. Inspired by a Lyre, the chandelier represents a historic interpretation of fixtures used in the late Nineteenth Century. Crafted with eight- arms suspending hand-blown glass globes to complement wall sconces and pendants.

Traverse City Opera House - Ann Arbor, MI
Traverse City Opera House – Ann Arbor, MI