420"W Stanley 8 Arm Chandelier
420″W Stanley 8 Arm Chandelier

The Stanley Theater – Utica, NY

The World’s Largest LED Free-Hanging Chandelier was designed, engineered and installed by Meyda Lighting for the historic Stanley Center for the Arts in Utica, New York. At 35 feet wide, 11 feet tall and weighing over three tons, the chandelier was custom crafted of steel, blown-glass, and acrylic. Its assembly includes Antique Gold and Bronze finished steel trusses with steel arms featuring hand-painted Green/White Serpents accented with Red-glass eyes. Bobeches compliment sculpted steel candlesticks with simulated wax- drippings and blown glass flame diffusers. Offering a 98.5 percent energy savings, the chandelier utilizes over 200 LEDs with a life span of five decades and a luminance output equivalent to 720, 100 watt incandescent bulbs.