80"L Kossar Ceiling Fixture
80″L Kossar Ceiling Fixture

Malpeso’s Dentist Office

Meyda Lighting collaborates with Don Kossar Interiors to illuminate Dr. Pasquale Malpeso’s dental office on Manhattan’s Park Ave. Mr. Kossar envisioned OLED fixtures encircling the reception desk and arching down the entry staircase. Meyda manufactured custom chandeliers incorporating ultra thin OLEDs that didn’t project heat or require changing lamps. “Sustainable lighting eliminates lamp storage & replacement while saving energy & maintenance costs,” said Mr. Kossar. “OLED fixtures make a dramatic design statement, providing beautiful light above the reception desk and the entry staircase. People are awed by these lighting sculptures. Meyda Lighting had the courage to take on new technology and design to make my design vision a reality.

113"L Kossar Ceiling Fixture
113″L Kossar Ceiling Fixture